Special Operations Forces

Special Operations Forces

The Lithuanian SOF (LITHSOF) is one of the four Lithuanian Armed Forces branches based on motivation, voluntary selection and special training. The core of LITHSOF consists of Special Purpose Service (YPT), Vytautas the Great Jaeger Battalion (VDJB), Combat Divers Service (KNT) and Training and Combat Support Center (MKPC). Soldiers of these forces are trained to act in the event of a crisis or to repel an adversary in a complex and dynamic environment by identifying the most sensitive locations, and making a precise, quick and unexpected strike. The main tasks of LITHSOF are special reconnaissance, direct action and military assistance.

LITHSOF prepare for high-risk and high-value-added operations aimed at achieving strategic and operational results in the political, military, information and economic domains. LITHSOF can be used in the territory of Lithuania in a case of terrorist attacks when law enforcement agencies do not have necessary capabilities to respond to threats.

LITHSOF are constantly developing their capabilities to carry out their tasks both independently and together with Lithuanian Armed Forces, civilian institutions, city municipalities and NATO Allies.

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