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The Lithuanian Land Force (LLF) forms the backbone of the country's defence force. The LLF is dedicated to the defence and security of the land territory of the Republic of Lithuania. It is one of four forces of the Armed Forces of Lithuania, under the Chief of Defence.
The aim of the LLF - prepare sub-units for the defence and security of the land territory of the state, and for participation in the international operations.
The troops of the LLF follow the following values of the Armed Forces of Lithuania: patriotism, loyalty, dedication, honesty, courage, respect, honor, and integrity.
Land Forces Day is considered on 15 July. It has to do with the fact that in the historical sources describing historic Battle of Grunwald held in 1410 July 15th for the first time captured the red flag with the sign of Gediminas dynasty was used in the battle. According that flag example the current flag of the Lithuanian Land Forces was created and approved in 2005.
The developement of the LLF is based on NATO standards; current efforts focus on enhancing the Force's operational effectiveness and strengthening abilities to act together with Allies. The troops are improving their skills and abilities constantly while participating in different military exercises and training in both, Lithuania and abroad.

The military training and high readiness of the LLF units will focus on the preparation for the armed defense of the state and on domestic support tasks in Lithuania. Keeping a high readiness on the National Rapid Reaction force, which was established in 2014, comprised of two battle groups. Also participation in NATO Response Forces (NRF) and Very High readines Joint task force (VJTF) and Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF. Also taking part in EU Battle Group (EUBG) is a high importance as well.

Participation in International operation of both - UN and NATO is constant. The sustention and development of the LLF capabilities will be ensured in the same way by organizing common exercises, study periods and seminars for the LLF fire support, reconnaissance, non-kinetic, and signals and communications units. Colaboration and interoperability with allies and partners, seeking high standarts in military poerations execution and good relations are the key objectives while training. Land Forces also send troops to training missions in Ukraine.

The LLF is comprised of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf", Infantry Brigade "Griffin", the National Defence Volunteer Forces, The Juozas Vitkus Engineer Battalion, and The Juozas Lukša Training Center, numbering about 5,000 profesionals and civilians, around 5,000 volunteers and about 2500 conscripts.