Air force

Air Force

The mission of the LTAF is to survey, guard and defend the airspace of Lithuania, to support the Lithuanian Land and Naval Forces, to carry out search and rescue and special operations, to airlift cargo and personnel (military and civil servants).

The Lithuanian Air Force (LTAF) is an integral part of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The LTAF is formed from professional military servicemen and non-military personnel. Units are located at various bases across Lithuania. The LTAF Headquarters and the Air Space Surveillance and Control Command are located in Kaunas, while the Air Space Control Centre is stationed near by in Karmëlava. LATF Air Base and Air Force Armament and Equipment Repair Depot are located in Šiauliai . The Air Defence Battalion, formed in 2000, is located in the Šiauliai District.

The strength of the Lithuanian Air Force is currently some 1000 professional military servicemen and non-military personnel.


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