Soldiers of Special Operations unit of Lithuanian Army will take part in the largest international exercise this year ”Cold Response 2007

One of the key issues of the exercise "Cold Response 2007" is co-operation between NATO and the United Nations, as well as land, sea, and air conventional and special forces of other countries. The exercise will take place in the northern part of Norway.


During the exercise troops of the Special Operations Forces squadron "Aitvaras" with special forces troops from other NATO countries complete special land and sea operation in harsh natural environment, test their capacity, equipment and armament in extreme climatic conditions.

Soldiers of Special Operations unit, combat divers and jagers participate in joint special forces' operations not only by the coastlines but also in the open sea. Along with soldiers of other countries' special forces soldiers of the Special Operations unit learn to co-ordinate planning, battle squadrons and high-speed boarding boats, attack planes and airdropping, support, and search and rescue helicopters actions.


Troops of Lithuanian Special Forces were preparing for the exercise for over a year. Big amount of gear, equipment, high-speed combat boarding boats, and other mechanisms had to be carried to Norway.


The exercise is a great opportunity for the Special Operations unit soldiers to enhance their skills that could be needed in 2008 when they duty in NATO Response Forces will be continued after a break. Two Special Operations unit squadrons "Aitvaras-05" and "Aitvaras-06" were on duty in 2005-2006 for a half-year's period in NRF.


More than 8 thousand soldiers from NATO countries take part in the "Cold Response 2007" along with their counterparts from other countries: Norway, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, the United States of America, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, etc.




The exercise has begun on March 5 and will last till March 15. It is the first time Lithuanian Special Operations soldiers participate in the exercise.