Ship of Lithuanian Naval Force „Jotvingis" take part in multinational mine clearance operation „Open Spirit 09" in Estonia



On August 28-September 11 command and supply ship „Jotvingis"(N42) of Lithuanian Naval Force will attend multinational mine clearance operation in the Baltic Sea „Open Spirit 09" held in territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Estonia. It is the largest multinational mine clearance operation held in the Baltic Sea this year. Mine clearance actions will be conducted by 16 ships coming from navies of 7 states: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, France, and Sweden.


The main goal of „Open Spirit" operation is ensuring conditions for safe navigation and fishing by shunt, identification and neutralisation of mines, bombs, torpedoes, and other explosives remaining on the Baltic seafloor from WWI and WWII.


„Open Spirit" has been organised annually since 1997 in one of the three Baltic States on a rotational basis. Germany provided assistance when organising he first exercise which took place in Latvia.


The exercise is planned and conducted in two phases: the stage of planning takes place in Germany, Olpenitz Flotilla of the Minewarfare Boats, and the active stage takes place in autumn.


From 1 July 2009 LNF ship „Jotvingis" was assigned for the trilateral Baltic naval squadron BALTRON.