Partisan Honouring, Public and Military Unity Day will be celebrated on the third weekend of May in  Šiauliai 

Partisan Honouring, Public and Military Unity Day will be celebrated on the third weekend of May...

The Lithuanian Armed Forces declares “We Are You” and on the third weekend of May invites to its biggest public event – Partisan Honouring, Public and Military Unity Day which will take place in Resurrection Square in Šiauliai. The weekend-long festival will culminate in foot marches paying tribute to the Lithuanian partisans.

On May 18 the festivities will begin with a Holy Mass celebrated at the Cathedral of St. Apostles Peter and Paul of Šiauliai in the honour of sacrifice of the Lithuanian freedom fighters and partisans. After the service  Lithuanian Armed Forces bands and the Honour Guard Company will march to Resurrection Square where the rest of the festival programme will be located. The audience will be congratulated by a fly-past of NATO Air Policing fighter aircraft, solemn hoisting of the Lithuanian, European Union and NATO flags and the anthem of the Republic of Lithuania will follow. A minute of silence will be observed, the Honour Guard Company will perform the programme and gun salutes in honour of the idea of freedom regained and preserved. The audience will be invited to enjoy performances of the Lithuanian Armed Forces bands and a dynamic display of a military operation.

A static display of Lithuanian Armed Forces and Allied weaponry, gear and equipment on the square will include the Vilkas Infantry Fighting Vehicles, PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer, Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, NASAMS medium-range air defence system of the Lithuanian Air Force, Giraffe surveillance radar, Scan Eagle surveillance UAV, also a Leopard tank, tracked infantry fighting vehicle Marder, Fennek four-wheeler reconnaissance vehicle, Pandur armored personnel carriers and a Patria Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the German Allies.  

The new military campus of Šiauliai, now housing Duke Margiris Infantry Battalion of the Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonas Karolis Chodkevičius Infantry Brigade Griffin, will be officially inaugurated during the celebration of Partisan Honouring, Public and Military Unity Day.  

On May 19 the 80th anniversary of the beginning of Lithuania’s partisan freedom fights will be marked. The ministry of National Defence joined forces with the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union to invited the public to take part in five mass marches to honour the memory of partisans in different regions of Lithuania according to the division of units of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union: in municipalities of Radviliškis, Kazlų Rūda, Tauragė, Kaunas regions. A march is history coming alive and turning the partisan fight into personal experience.  

Sunday flowers will be laid by the monument of General Jonas Žemaitis-Vytautas in Vilnius and memorials in Minaičiai, Radviliškis region, Hill of Crosses and Raseiniai region in the honour of Lithuanian partisans.  

Public support is an immense source of motivation for the military. Such public celebrations introduce the Lithuanian Armed Forces and Allied activities in Lithuania to the public and help them become acquainted with a critical element of the society that exists for the good of the people and the state.

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