Notice from the Lithuanian Armed Forces : large quantities of military personnel and equipment to move via roads, railway and by air

Notice from the Lithuanian Armed Forces : large quantities of military personnel and equipment to...

On April 19-21 mass deployment of military personnel and equipment for the Saber Strike and Grand Quadriga parts of the international NATO Exercise Steadfast Defender 2024 and the joint Lithuanian-Polish Field Training Exercise Brave Griffin 2024/II in Lithuania will be conducted. There will be intense military equipment traffic on the roads, in the air and railway to exercise sites, while outsize wheeled and tracked vehicles will be escorted by the Military Police.

On April 19 approx. 600 troops and 120 wheeled tactical vehicles of the United States Army assigned to Exercise Saber Strike will deploy from Poland via the Budzisko-Kalvarija border checkpoint, they will move to Kaunas Intermodal Terminal and later to the General Silvestras Žukauskas Training Area in Pabradė. The exercise will showcase the capability to quickly move army elements between regions, reinforce army elements and increase competencies.

In parallel, on April 19-21 personnel and equipment of two Bundeswehr divisions are moved to the territory of Lithuania for Exercise Grand Quadriga 2024. The firs participants will arrive by aircraft on April 19 and their equipment will reach the exercise site at the General Silvestras Žukauskas (Pabradė) Training Area from Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (which c they will reach by railway via Mockava and Šeštokai stations).   into the and Brigadier General Kazys Veverskis (Kazlų Rūda) Training Areas. The exercise which is centered around moving two divisions from the Central European region to the Eastern will see the deployment of over 3 thousand German troops and 200 pieces of tactical equipment, including the Leopard tanks, Puma and Boxer IFVs.

On April 21-26 Lithuania and Poland will conduct Brave Griffin 2024/II, a field training exercise (FTX) with aviation, which will be joined the United States and Portuguese Allies. Servicemembers with the Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonas Chodkevičius Infantry Brigade Griffin and the rotational Portuguese troops are on a tactical march from their deployment bases in Žemaitija Region to the Suwalki Gap to assemble with the U.S. forces deployed to Lithuania and Poland and rehearse defence scenarios under the bilateral Lithuanian-Polish Orsha Plan.

. The Lithuanian Armed Forces will run one of its most intense and extensive military training cycles involving over 20 thousand Lithuanian and Allied military personnel and thousands of pieces of military equipment in April-June. The series of exercises will put on trial the NATO regional defence plans agreed to at the Vilnius Summit while rehearsing a swift deployment of forces between Allied countries and sending a clear signal of NATO resolve and collective defence commitments to the adversary.

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