Žemaitis patrol vessel escorted FSRU Independence across the Baltic Sea

Žemaitis patrol vessel escorted FSRU Independence across the Baltic Sea

On May 2 through 4 LNS Žemaitis patrol ship conducted an escort and protection operation for the floating storage regasification unit Independence in the Baltic Sea.   

On May 2, escorted by LNS Žemaitis patrol ship, storage vessel Independence sailed out of the Port of Klaipėda and headed for the Fayard large ship repair yard not far away from the Port of Odense in the Island of Fyn of the Kingdom of Denmark for Independence to undergo technical maintenance and return to Lithuania escorted by LNS Žemaitis patrol ship again.    

The Lithuanian Navy includes a Patrol Ships Squadron which ensures patrolling in the territorial sea and exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Lithuania in the Baltic Sea, detention of trespasser ships, convoying, search and rescue, and executes other operation. Escorting and ensuring security of civilian ships is one of such tasks. For instance, in exceptional cases Lithuanian Navy ships take the responsibility of escorting gas carriers with LNG cargo in the exclusive economic zone of Lithuania to Klaipėda.  

The Navy Patrol Ships Squadron currently comprises 4 Flyvefisken-class Danish-built ships: Žemaitis (P11), Dzūkas (P12), Aukštaitis (P14) and Sėlis (P15).  The vessels are armed with Otto Melara Italian-manufactured 76 mm guns, Browning and MG3 machine-guns. Some of the vessels have adjustable depth sonars suitable for detecting any underwater objects, identify their location with precision and to track, e.g., submarines. 

Info and photo credits: Lithuanian Navy