Updated Baltic region defence plans discussed

Updated Baltic region defence plans discussed

On January 17 Chief of Defence Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys and U.S. European Command and Supreme Allied Commander (SACEUR) Gen Christopher G. Cavoli focussed on the NATO regional defence “family of plans” that encompass aerial, maritime, land and digital dimensions, and on assignment of forces to NATO structures in the Baltic region and Lithuania’s contribution in the new NATO force model. General discussed the updated deterrence and defence plans that embed military capability planning and building and timely deployment of all NATO capabilities in the face of threatening circumstances.

“Today I had an excellent opportunity to thank Gen Cavoli for his personal contribution and effort towards a stronger security in Europe. For his special attention to the Baltic states, our defensibility, in assembling the Allies for practical implementation of the defence plans,” said Chief of Defence.

At the Baltic-Polish CHODs’ meeting with SACEUR Gen Cavoli that followed addressed a wider subject important to all sides: the Baltic regional defence plans.

“Development of the NATO defence plans is one of the main tasks to me as SACEUR. The plans are first updated, the main focus is currently place on regional plans and their harmonization with the existing national defence plans specific to concrete areas. A plan is never complete, of course, and we have to work ceaselessly to ensure they correspond to the real situation,” pointed out SACEUR Gen Cavoli.

As U.S. European Command and Supreme Allied Commander (SACEUR), Gen Christopher G. Cavoli provides command an control of all strategic level NATO operations and exercises in Europe and sets the strategic military direction to his NATO Chain of Command subordinate commanders through the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, SHAPE, deployed in Mons, Belgium. As Commander of the U.S. European Command, Gen Cavoli ensures readiness of the force for the wide spectrum military missions and exercises in concert with Allies and partners in Europe in support of the national interest of the United States and of Europe.

Photo credit: SSgt Kristin Savage.