Ukrainian troops showcased know-how and skills gained at Infantry Squad Leader Course

Ukrainian troops showcased know-how and skills gained at Infantry Squad Leader Course

On May 30 the seven-week Infantry Squad Leader Course delivered to Ukrainian military personnel in Lithuania wrapped at the Lithuanian Armed Forces Gaižiūnai Training Area (Jonava region). With assistance of expert Lithuanian Land Force Juozas Lukša Training Centre instructors 24 troops were trained starting April 17 to become competent, psychologically and methodologically ready infantry squad leaders able to plan squad-level operations in accordance with standard NATO unit control procedures and to lead a unit in unstable conditions as its completes the assigned tactical infantry unit-level tasks.

Tomorrow the Ukrainian course graduates will be presented the Infantry Squad Leader Course graduation certificates. Over the duration of the course, every participant was assessed individually taking into account their physical fitness and leadership of a squad skills, as well as their squad teamwork ability, reaction to mock enemy attacks and self-control and retention of leadership in a chaotic situation.

Lithuanian Armed Forces instructors are training Ukrainian military personnel as part of different bilateral and international initiatives, approx. 50 different training programmes in total. Thousands of Ukrainian military personnel will be trained and equipped with basic military skills and knowledge for battlefield survival and effectiveness by the end of the year by joint training groups with Allies in the United Kingdom and Germany. There is a currently ongoing Northern countries’ and Lithuania’s joint demining training and a shooting instructor course.

Photo credit: Sgt Spc 1st Class Tomas Kavaliauskas.