Troops of Air Defence Battalion trained with „Stinger" aircraft defence system in exercise in Denmark

Troops of Air Defence Battalion trained with „Stinger" aircraft defence system in exercise...



June 10, soldiers of Lithuanian Air Force Air Defence Battalion trained to shoot down air-born targets using aircraft defence missile „Stinger" system, Denmark, military area near Gniben. Lithuanians succeeded to hit all the targets launched.


Denmark hosted the exercise of live firing for the second time. Last year soldiers were firing at unmanned aircrafts whereas this year they were aiming at missiles for a first time.


Live firing was preceded by training in Lithuania (with „Stinger" trainers) and in Denmark (with JTAC virtual trainer „DOME"). „DOME" is a cupola-shaped room with a big screen showing simulations of airspace, aircrafts, profiles of air-borne target manoeuvres, course of air battle. „Stinger" system connected to the trainer's system locates actions of the unit's operator through laser sensors, computer simulates tactical situation, calculates and reports the shot. Joint training of neutralising aircrafts of various types was conducted in the trainer for the subunit commanders and operators of trigger mechanisms who fired live shots in the subsequent exercise.


Missiles MTR-15A designed for exercises with missile air defence systems were used. 15,8 m length and 38 cm diameter missiles can reach the speed of 140-285 metres per second. Operator of the system has only as much as about five seconds to detect and locate air-born target going at an extremely high speed and staying in the air for a particularly short time.


Accurateness of hitting of Lithuanians was not precluded by clouds or rain that appeared on the exercise day. Lithuanian soldiers displayed excellent skills during live firing, they hit directly all the three missiles fired provoking compliments from their Danish counterparts.


Air Defence Battalion also has RBS-70 aircraft defence systems; troops train to operate them in Lithuania. Live firing exercise for „Stinger" and RBS-70 systems employs different types of targets with entailing different requirements for the military areas. Lithuania does not have suitable sites to organise firing exercise with „Stinger" system.

Author of pictures - Lt. Gintautas Radvilavičius.