Three Germany's warships visiting Klaipėda

Three Germany's warships visiting Klaipėda

O June 29 a group of three German Navy warships, FGS Main (A515) tender, FGS Oste (A52), and FGS U-34 submarine, sailed into Klaipėda Seaport on a courtesy call.

While moored in Klaipėda until July 3, commanding officers of the German ships will visit Klaipėda City Council, meet with Lithuanian Navy leadership, crew officers will visit the Curonian Spit.

It is a routine visit to Klaipėda Seaport that Lithuania's allies carry out for logistical re-supply to NATO partner ports after different exercises in the Baltic Sea, and avail of the opportunity to visit with the colleagues, Lithuanian Navy. The guest ships will not be opened to the public during this visit.

Cooperation between the German and the Lithuanian Navy has deep roots: Germany gave the Lithuanian Navy our first Lindau class mine countermeasures ships, Kuršis (M51) and Sūduvis (M52). Lithuanian Navy officers received education at German Navy academies for a number of years. Germany also assisted the Baltic states in creating the Baltic Naval Squadron, BALTRON. Lithuania and Germany cooperate on an annual basis in different maritime exercises, Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) activities, also, in the area of ship artillery equipment service, Lithuanian ship crews also took part in several damage control courses organised by the German Navy.

Photo credit: PO1 Audrius Vitkauskas