Staff officers of Land Force will improve readiness for defence operations

Staff officers of Land Force will improve readiness for defence operations

On January 25-27 staff officers of divisions of Lithuanian Land Force will prepare for combat training in 2010 at the headquarters of the LLF in Vilnius and Motorised Infantry Brigade in Rukla (Jonava Distr.). During the Study Period (STUPER) of three days representatives of Land Force, Juozas Vitkus Engineering Battalion, and National Defence Volunteer Force will address combat training plans, update theoretical knowledge regarding defence tasks, improve skills of planning combat operations by fulfilling practical training tasks.


Readiness for Area Defence will receive major attention in planning combat military training for 2010.


On January participants of SUPER will listen to lectures on defence issues delivered by members from various subdivisions of Lithuanian Armed Forces, guest lecturers from the Lithuanian Military Academy and other educational institutions and organizations. Listeners will also have an opportunity to familiarize with historical Lithuania and other nations' experience of fulfilling defence operations.


On January 26-27 representatives of Denmark's Advisory Team will deliver lectures in Rukla. Later attendees will be able to put new knowledge in practice by planning a fictitious defence operation according to the NATO's Military Decision Making Process.


STUPER takes place annually at the Land Force. Begun by Denmark's Advisory Team for the MIB „Iron Wolf" troops planning of STUPER is now joined by the Land Force staff and held also for members of divisions of various Land Force divisions.


Article based on information provided by Maj. Gediminas Latvys, Head of G9 CIMIC Department of the Land Force Staff


Picture from MoND archive: staff officers of MIB „Iron Wolf" at „Red Knight" exercise