Soldiers prepare for mission in Afghanistan in „PRT-10 Challenge

Soldiers prepare for mission in Afghanistan in „PRT-10 Challenge



Evaluation exercise „PRT-10 Challenge" is held on September 7-11 in Gen. Adolfas Ramanauskas Combat Training Centre of Lithuanian Armed Forces (Nemenčinė, Vilnius Distr.) Troops to be deployed to Afghanistan with PRT-10 train to act in a wide scale of situations in the mission region.


The exercise is the pre-final stage of preparation for the mission during which results of three months of training will be evaluated. During the one-week exercise capability of the staff group to conduct planning of operations, communications, distribution of information between departments of staff and to divisions, response to situations, decision making, drafting and forwarding of documents to superior commands, communication of soldiers with local people and media, and other tasks will be checked. The exercise will be followed by the final field exercise during which readiness of PRT-10 will be evaluated in a training area.


The exercise is organised by the Lithuanian Land Force Command in the Combat Training Centre with the Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation (JCATS) program. JCATS helps simulate wide range of tasks corresponding to real-world situations in the mission area. Great majority of organisers, observers, and assessing officers had already been deployed to Afghanistan mission and have enough experience to ensure that the new peacekeepers would undergo training similar to operation situations and conditions to the maximum.


Scenario of the exercise will include movement of units in the operation theatre, evacuation of the injured, demonstrations of local residents, detonations of explosive devises on roads, fire at the PRT HQ, cooperation with governmental organisations and NGOs, meetings with representatives of local administration, and other tasks.

Croatian peacekeepers who will join Lithuanians on the half-year rotation with the PRT also take part in the exercise.


Croatian staff officers and unit commanders one of whom has already been deployed to Ghowr once attend the preparation phase together with Lithuanian peacekeepers. „As much as have had the chance to observe the exercise yet my impression was that PRT staff is able to conduct planning with high level of professionality and readiness. Military of Croatia have more experience in completing their usual duty, they are very reliable and very motivated. The exercise provides for us the opportunity to acquaint with our positions in the PRT and our colleagues for the period of Afghanistan mission. I am sure that Croatian peacekeepers will lend a strong hand for the PRT , " says Senior National Representative of Croatia Maj. Miljenko Tomic.


Observation of the exercise is done by Defence Attaché of the USA Embassy in Lithuania, and representatives of Lithuanian Armed Forces command and services.


For the field phase of assessment exercise PRT-10 will move to Kairiai Military Area near Klaipėda in the end of September. All the situations on the scenario - movement of units, fire on PRT territory, evacuation of the injured, etc. - will take place on a real terrain of the training field and resemble real operation activities.

PRT-10 is formed on the basis of the 1st Territorial Unit of Dainava Military District of National Defence Volunteer Force, part of personnel comes from other NDVF territorial units and divisions of Lithuanian Armed Forces. PRT-10 will be commanded by Lt. Col. Gediminas Macijauskas.


A significant part of members in PRT-10 have already served in multinational missions in the Balkan region, Iraq and Afghanistan. One third of the contingent's personnel are volunteers who will leave their civilian jobs and education institutions as well as families and relatives in Lithuania for the period of rotation.


Preparation for the mission period takes almost half of a year. Rotation between PRT-9 and PRT-10 is planned to take place around the middle of November.


Lithuanian-led PRT took up responsibility for security in Ghowr in June 2005. PRT is a joint military-civilian mission operating under International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Its main task is to help Afghan Central Government extend its authority in the province, and to ensure security and environment suitable for provincial reconstruction.


Currently security in Ghowr is provided by the ninth rotation of Lithuanian-led peacekeepers, PRT-9 is formed on the basis of Gen. Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion.

Together with Lithuanian military and civilian personnel representatives of Denmark, Georgia, Japan, the USA, Croatia, Romania, and Ukraine serve in the PRT-9.

PIO for PRT-10 1st Lt. Skomantas Povilionis