Second shift of National Support Element was sent to Afghanistan

Second shift of National Support Element was sent to Afghanistan

On 22 July in Šiauliai airport the second shift of National Support Element (NPE-2), including eighteen specialists: finance, procurement, loading and movement control, storage experts, was solemnly sent to Afghanistan. NPE-2 will completely take over the mission from the first shift by the middle of August.


In the ceremony participated Commander of the Logistic Command of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Colonel Ovidijus Eitminavičius, Air Base Commander Lieutenant Colonel Audronis Navickas, Chief Chaplain of the Air Force Major Virginijus Veilentas, relatives of soldiers.


Commander of the Logistic Command wished success and strength for the soldiers, their relatives and friends. Colonel O.Eitminavičius said, that if he could he would give medals not only for the soldiers, but for their relatives as well.


On this very special occasion soldiers were presented commemorative souvenirs, convertible knifes, were treated with Lithuanian bread.


National Support Element was established while accomplishing Lithuanian Armed Forces transformation and in order to ensure effective logistic support of operational capabilities and control of this support. In the site of mission NPE is responsible for procurement, material values storage, supply, accounting and writing-off, as well as administration of the Lithuanian Armed Forces financial resources, manning and other functions.


NPE is deployed in the multinational Kabul Airport. Single soldiers of the element serve in Kandahar Airport, NPE Support Group is deployed in the PRT camp in Chaghcharan.


Currently more than 200 Lithuanian soldiers are deployed in Afghanistan. They participate in NATO International Security Assistance Force, ISAF Ghor PRT Group mission in Chaghcharan, NATO ISAF Headquarters in Kabul and Herat and NATO ISAF mission in the South of Afghanistan.