Second rotation of National Support Element finished evaluation exercise

Second rotation of National Support Element finished evaluation exercise

On June 29-July 2 evaluation exercise of the second rotation of the National Support Element (NSE) took place in Gen. Adolfas Ramanauskas Combat Training Centre (Nemenčinė). NSE is responsible for providing general logistic support for Lithuanian military units deployed in Afghanistan and Lithuanian troops serving in international staffs. During the exercise readiness of NSE-2 for participation in the mission was evaluated.


NSE-2 made of 18 specialists of various fields (finance, procurement, shipment and movement control, storage, and other) will completely intercept the mission from the preceding rotation before the middle of August 2009.

NSE was established seeking to ensure effective logistic provision of operation forces and control of the provision in the course of transformation of Lithuanian Armed Forces. In the theatre of mission NSE takes up responsibility for procurements, storage, provision, recording and write-off of material values, management of financial resources of Lithuanian Armed Forces, acceptance and further movement of civilian and military personnel, and other functions.

NSE is based in the international airport of Kabul. Individual members of NSE serve in Kandahar Airport and NSE Provision Team is deployed with Chaghcharan PRT.

Presently Lithuania is leading a contribution of around 200 troops in Afghanistan. They are allotted to the Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan PRT operating under ISAF, international ISAF staffs in Kabul and Herat, and ISAF mission in southern Afghanistan.

1st Lt. Rūta Gaižutytė