Representatives of international media visited Ghowr province

Representatives of international media visited Ghowr province

Delegation of international media representatives have been visiting Ghowr province protected by the Lithuanian-led PRT-9 from July 12 to 14. Trip to Afghanistan of the delegation composed of Georgian, Canadian, New Zealandian, Dutch, Serbian, Slovakian and Hungarian members was organised by the USA in order to represent in a wider prospect of activity of the NATO International Security Assistance Force operation. Civilian and military personnel of Chaghcharan PRT-9 arranged programme for the visiting media representatives.

In the provincial capital Chaghcharan reporters met with peacekeepers deployed with the Lithuanian-led PRT-9 and civilian personnel. PRT-9 is the only military unit in Afghanistan to receive a visit of international media so far. Later the guests went on to meet with Deputy Governor of Ghowr, they were told about Ghowr, cooperation between provincial administration and PRT, benefits for the province of the activities undertaken by the PRT to ensure security, boost development , and attract donor states and international organisations; officer of local administration also expressed his delight in warm relationship between residents of Ghowr and Lithuanian military.

While visiting Ghowr reporters familiarised with projects of development cooperation Lithuania had completed in the province: small hydroelectric power plant built on Lithuanian funds in Sangow Bar village in 2006, now providing electricity for around 250 families, Chaghcharan Public Library, Civilian Personnel Training Centre, and others. Commander PRT-9 Col. Alvydas Šiuparis and Deputy Head of the Lithuanian Special Mission in Afghanistan Andrius Purvaneckas made an introduction of activities of civilian and military personnel on the mission and answered the reporters' queries.

Before leaving delegation of media representatives and members of the USA and NATO Embassy in Kabul accompanying them thanked Commander PRT-9 for an excellently organised trip programme, several of them mentioned that the visited changed their entire view of the international community's activity in Afghanistan and opened their eyes to the fact that even countries as small as Lithuania could make a significant difference in Afghanistan.

Units if international media that delegated their representatives to Ghowr provide daily information for the audience of around 2,5 people.

PIO for PRT-9 1st Lt. Marius Varna. Pictures of the author.