Quarantine to be partly lifted in the Lithuanian Armed Forces

Quarantine to be partly lifted in the Lithuanian Armed Forces

The Lithuanian Armed Forces leadership decided to start loosening up the virus spread risk prevention measures at the Lithuanian Armed Forces units following the resolutions of the Government of Lithuania on easing the quarantine throughout the country. Planning is underway for a range of activities, from military training to grating leaves for Continuous Mandatory Initial Military Service conscripts.


To begin with, military training of units up to the size of a platoon is resumed to maintain readiness to complete designated tasks. Exercises will still be conducted solely in military territories with personal protective equipment and maintaining social distancing. If that does not result in a significant outbreak of COVID-19 cases, Continuous Mandatory Initial Military Service conscripts will be granted weekend leaves home again. In the estimation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces leadership, the measure was one of the main factors that protected conscripts and their families from a rapid spread of the virus.

Part of the risk mitigation measures will remain in place: movement of personnel and vehicles between units will remain minimised to essential communication, access to military units will be still restricted, control of persons admitted to military territories will still be carried out. All Lithuanian and NATO military personnel returning or arriving in Lithuania will still undergo testing and quarantine to prevent the coronavirus spread as necessary.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces will continue rendering assistance to civilian institutions managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The task is currently carried out by nearly 200 soldiers activated on the basis of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Domestic Support Plan from across the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


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Photo credits: Sgt Spc 1st Class Ieva Budzeikaitė
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