PRT-9 conducted five-day patrol in the south of Ghowr

PRT-9 conducted five-day patrol in  the south of Ghowr



MLOTs of Lithuanian-led PRT-9 finished patrolling in southern regions of Ghowr province on July 1. For five days several tens of Lithuanians, Croats and Danes conducted a joint patrol with ANP officers; it was the longest patrol conducted by PRT-9 so far.


Goal of the expedition was collecting information about the ongoing preparations in voting centres of Ghowr for presidential elections due in August and elections of provincial councils. Collection of information was conducted by request of the Government of Afghanistan.


MLOTs also visited one of the "open air" school of the province and handed over a tent.


One of the tasks PRT is in charge of in Ghowr is supporting local policemen by organising instructions, training and exercises. Police of Ghowr actively cooperates with the Police Training Mission and members of EUPOL deployed with the PRT.


PRT is a civilian-military mission led by Lithuania in the province of Ghowr of Afghanistan under the NATO International Security Assistance Force. PRT activities are aimed at assisting Afghan Government in expanding its influence in the province, ensuring security and creating environm,ent for provincial reconstruction.


A the moment PRT-9 formed on the basis of Gen. Romualdas Giedratis Artillery Battalion serves in Afghanistan. The unit is staffed with Denmark's, Japan's, Croatia's, Ukraine's, Georgia's, and American personnel next to Lithuanians.

PIO of PRT-9 1st. Lt. Marius Varna.