Nordic-Baltic Chiefs of Defence discussed future military exercise in the Baltic region

Nordic-Baltic Chiefs of Defence discussed future military exercise in the Baltic region

On January 21-22, Chief of Defence of Lithuania Maj. Gen. Arvydas Pocius took part in the Nordic-Baltic CHODs meeting in Helsinki (Finland) where he convened with Chiefs of Defence of Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.


Leading military officials addressed security situation in the Baltic Sea region, upcoming multinational military exercise, multinational operations, collaboration in cyber defence and naval surveillance.


Discussion on the upcoming military exercise focused on „Baltic Host", „Sabre Strike", and „Amber Hope" exercises to be held in the Baltics this and the following year.


Exercise „Baltic Host" will be held this year in Latvia for participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and the US. Last year the exercise was held for the first time by Estonia. The exercise is designed to develop logistic interoperability and collaboration of the Baltic States in providing host country support operations and conducting civilian-military cooperation.


„Sabre Strike" exercise will be held this year for the first time. The event will also take place in Latvia for Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and American troops. It will be the first joint training of such character of the military from the Baltics and the US.


In the meeting military officials also discussed national training event of Lithuania „Amber Hope" open for other NATO states too. Planning process of the exercise due to take place in Lithuania in 2011 is already underway.


„I find it advisable to append the „Baltic Host" exercise to the list of training events coordinated from NATO headquarters which would elevate it to a higher level," said Chief of Defence of Lithuania Maj. Gen. A. Pocius about military training events held in the Baltic region. „We suggest to continue holding „Amber Hope" as national exercise and invite participants from Nordic, Baltic, and other NATO states."


„Nordic countries make a great and important contribution to training of our military and civilians and makes us able to hold joint operations and exercises as equal partners," - said CHOD of Lithuania Maj. Gen. A. Pocius in the Nordic-Baltic CHODs meeting.


CHODs-level meeting of the Military Committee takes place three times a year. Two of them are held in Brussels, and one - in one of NATO member states on a rotational basis. Last year the meeting was hosted by Latvia, and the following is planned to be held in Estonia.


Lithuania signed the first agreement of military cooperation with Denmark in 1994 thus initiating cooperation with the Nordic countries. More than 400 Lithuanian military had been sent to long-term courses in the Scandinavian countries since then. Nordic countries continue supporting trilateral projects of the Baltic States, Norwegian and Danish air contingents had been deployed on the NATO Baltic Air-policing mission. Lithuanian Armed Forces had been significantly supported by the Nordic countries in updating equipment and training servicemen and military units within the country.


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Loreta Keršytė (MoND)