NATO capabilities deployed to enhance Baltic defence hold a conference in Lithuania

NATO capabilities deployed to enhance Baltic defence hold a conference in Lithuania

May 25, Commanders of the three NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Groups (NATO eFP BG) of the three Baltic states, military representatives of the framework nations, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada, and leadership of the host nation Land Forces of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for the first time held a 3+3 Format meeting in Lithuania, Rukla. The conference was attended by Commander of the German enhanced Vigilance Activity Brigade Lithuania (eVA BDE LTU) Brigadier General Christian Nawrat who is in charge of the eVA BDE LTU Forward Command Element (FCE) permanently deployed in Lithuania.

“I wish to thank our Ally Lithuania for providing exceptional training conditions. The main focus of the Conference held today is our opportunity to learn from each other. Baltic defence is not an option for the Allies, it is a commitment,” underscored Commander of the Field Army of Germany Major General Harald Gante.

The format serves for the countries to implement the decisions taken at the NATO Summit in Madrid. Next meeting is planned to take place in the second semester of this year and proceed with the coordination enhancement in order to find the most efficient ways to strengthen the Baltic deterrence and defence.

“All the three Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – have different structures in the militaries, different legal bases and different capabilities. All those aspects need to be taken into account and adjusted to synchronization of actions with the forces of our Allies’ forces. We have to remember that the distance between our Allies is also a major factor, in terms of the different time, for example, that Canada and Germany need to move troops,” said Commander of the Lithuanian Land Force Brig Gen. Artūras Radvilas at the meeting.

The exchange of ideas in the 3+3 Format was intense at multiple levels, from defence ministers to experts. The format especially focuses on exercises, training, financing and logistics.