NATO AWACS for the first time deployed to Lithuania

NATO AWACS for the first time deployed to Lithuania

NATO’s Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) with a 150-strong detachment is for the first time deployed to Lithuania, Lithuanian Air Force Base at Zokniai, as of September 28. AWACS aircraft deployed to monitor the Russian military activity come from AWACS fleet based in Geilenkirchen, Germany.

Ove the coming days the AWACS aircraft will begin surveillance overflight of the Alliance territory with the tasks planned to continue for several weeks. Based on Boeing 707 ensures airspace surveillance, command, control, communication, and is capable of detecting missiles, military activity, determine coordinates and fire directions of different systems at the distance of approx. 400 km.

The aircraft employ to Lithuania after completing separate tasks in Türkiye. NATO AWACS aircraft have completed hundreds of flights over the Eastern and Northern Europe since February 2022 ensuring surveillance against the Russian military activities.

File photo of NATO E-3A