Multinational air defence exercise begins in Lithuania

Multinational air defence exercise begins in Lithuania

Multinational ground-based air defence exercise Tobruq Legacy 20 began in Lithuania Monday. It will take place in training areas in Šiauliai, Kaunas and Vilnius regions until September 25.

The exercise objective is primarily to train interoperability and tactical NATO ground-based air defence procedures  Lithuanian and allied units and to hone air command and control.

"Let's treat the present coronavirus situation not as an obstacle or a challenge but as an impulse to seek and find new solutions and to innovate through cooperation and interaction in air defence ," Commander of the Lithuanian Air Force Col Dainius Guzas said at the opening ceremony.

The exercise promotes better integration of multinational ground-based air defence capabilities in order to improve readiness for a potential collective defence scenario.

The exercise training audience will amount to approx. 950 soldiers from Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and the United States.

Allies have brought their air defence equipment, Patriot, SAMP/T, Avenger, Mistral, RBS 70, GROM, Poprad, Stinger, to the exercise.

The multinational ground-based air defence units will be commanded and controlled through a unified system during the exercise and engage air targets.

Photo and information credits: Lithuanian Air Force