Motorised Infantry Brigade „Iron Wolf" took part in a preparation for battle exercise

Motorised Infantry Brigade „Iron Wolf" took part in a preparation for battle exercise


September 9-10, MIB „Iron Wolf" Staff and staffs of battalions under the Brigade took part in terrain reconnaissance exercise in Panevėžys and Kėdainiai. The exercise was organised by the Danish Military Advisors and Training Team.

The exercise was arranged to improve soldiers' skills of terrain reconnaissance. It also served as preparation for the „Smart Wolf" exercise that will be held in December - participants of the exercise conducted reconnaissance of the terrain on the basis of scenario of the upcoming exercise. Soldiers scouted out regions of operations, made corrections to plans and battle positions, rendered suggestions for superior staff for optimising the exercise plan.

The „Smart Wolf" exercise will provide an opportunity to drill defence actions and counterattack. Readiness of staffs of MIB „Iron Wolf" King Mindaugas Mechanised Battalion and Lithuanian Grand Duchess Birutė Motorised Infantry Battalion to jointly conduct combat actions with allied forces against an enemy inside of the national territory. During the staff exercise tasks of integration of units for operation, actions in a secured enemy's territory, deterrence of hostile forces from invading the country's territory, and driving away aggressor from secured territories by allied efforts will be implemented.

The exercise was also useful for integration of other subdivisions of Lithuanian Armed Forces. General battalion-level staff formed of Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Force 5th and the Great Battle 8th Territorial Units took part in the exercise. The same formation will attend the „Smart Wolf" exercise as part of the Brigade.

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Picture by Capt. Marius Latvėnas.