Meeting at the Defence Staff ahead of Exercise Defender Europe 20

Meeting at the Defence Staff ahead of Exercise Defender Europe 20

On February 12-13 a meeting of representatives of countries, units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, public authorities and enterprises that will take part in the U.S.-led multinational Exercise Defender Europe 20 was held at the Defence Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Representatives from the U.S., Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany and participants of Defender Europe 20 discussed the upcoming exercise schedule, key events, re-deployment of equipment and personnel, logistical and medical support requirements, and possible challenges.

After a thorough debrief on the course of the planned exercise Chief of the Defence Staff Maj Gen Gintautas Zenkevičius met with the exercise participants to praise their work and successful synchronisation of the course of the exercise, as well as early identification of potential challenges.

"This is a great training opportunity for us at the Lithuanian Armed Forces to plan the exercise alongside other NATO allies, such events ensure readiness, delivery of Host Nation Support, and streamlined organisation on the soil of Lithuania," Maj Gen G. Zenkevičius said.

Exercise Baltic Defender 20 will start in Lithuania's territory in April next year and will run until the end of May. Over all of that period Lithuanian residents will see intensified movement of military transport in Lithuania, especially in the vicinity of the Suwalki Gap, in Marijampolė and Alytus regions. Military training actions spanning as much as 21 thousand hectares and involving nearly 3 thousand military personnel of Lithuania and our allies have been planned in the area through coordination with local municipalities and in agreement with local residents.

Exercise Defender Europe 20 will be led by the U.S. European Command (EUCOM), it will demonstrate the ability of the United States to move a division-sized unit to the European theatre of actions quickly. It will be the first exercise in 25 years to test echelons larger than a brigade in operational level military action.

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