Lithuanians win silver in World „Jak-52" Aerobatic Championship

Lithuanians win silver in World „Jak-52" Aerobatic Championship

On June 25 - July 4 World „Jak-52" Aerobatic Championship took place in Rojūnų (Panevėžio Distr.) airfield, Head of Gen. Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy Air Force Staff Officer Course Lt. Col. Eltonas Meleckis and Capt.(R) Onutė Motiejūnaitė of Lithuanian Land Force represented Lithuanian Armed Forces in the national team.


Lithuanians succeeded to take one of the best positions in the team record - silver of the championship, aviators of Russia won the first place and Ukrainians claimed bronze.

Silver of the individual record was won by Lithuanian Land Force Capt.(R) Onutė Motiejūnaitė. Eltonas Meleckis, 5th according to his individual record, succeeded to win bronze in the second free programme. 22 aviators represented 7 states in this year's championship.

Information of Lithuanian Military Academy.