Lithuanian peacekeepers teach Afghan kids to avoid the danger of mines

Lithuanian peacekeepers teach Afghan kids to avoid the danger of mines



June 6, soldiers of the Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan PRT-9 visited one of public schools of Chaghcharan. Lithuanian and Croatian peacekeepers conducted an introductory lesson about mines and the danger that they cause.


The idea to conduct such instructions for children was proposed for PRT-9 by the Education Department of Ghowr because numerous mines and other unexploded ammunition become the reason for deaths and injures throughout Afghanistan each year after long wars have receded.


The majority of listeners in the lesson were pupils of lower classes - an agile and curious audience. It is kids of this particular age group that often find unexploded ammunition and mines and inform PRT members. In the lesson soldiers were teaching children to recognize mines, to treat them cautiously and mark them so that invoked peacekeepers could find and destroy the dangerous legacy of war. Soldiers stressed their thankfulness to the young Afghans for the information they provide and for the efforts they make to keep away from explosives.


„I am so glad to find that local teachers understand the need and benefit of such instructions. They are inviting us to spare lives and health of kids, seeking to secure them from leftover of wars. Besides, it is a good opportunity for us to meet children and give them an immediate impression of what a PRT is", said Head of CIMIC Department of PRT-9 Maj. Eligijus Mylė.


According to a teacher of physical training, it is his duty to make a short briefing for pupils before each lesson on the dangers of mines. However, lessons conducted by peacekeepers make a deeper impression because children find them more entertaining and interesting, and they do certain good. It is sad to admit that there are still many hypothetical minefields around Chaghcharan causing danger for the inhabitants. Core of the current PRT rotation is formed of General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion.


PRT is a joint civilian and military mission operating under the NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Denmark's, Georgia's, Japan's, Croatia's, Ukraine's, Georgia's and American representatives take part in the mission together with Lithuanians. The main objective of the Provincial Reconstruction Team is helping Afghan Government extend its authority in the province, ensuring security and creating environment suitable for provincial reconstruction.


PIO for PRT-9 1st Lt. M.Varna


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