Lithuanian Navy personnel are training at a MARCOM exercise

Lithuanian Navy personnel are training at a MARCOM exercise

On January 27 through February 7 five officers of the Lithuanian Navy are taking part in a tactical computer-assisted NATO mine countermeasures Exercise Dynamic Move 2020 organised by the NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM) in Ostend, Belgium.

The exercise brings together representatives of NATO allies' and partners' Navies to train planning and execution of maritime mine countermeasures operations using a computer simulation system. The main training audience of the exercise is commanders and staffs of the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Groups, they are training the process of decision-making while solving different situations on a simulator. The staff led by Lithuanian Navy members is successfully completing tasks and will bring the valuable experience home for future operations.

The main objective of the exercise is to hone the ability of the NATO maritime forces to respond to crises in the face of a threat of mining of sea lanes, and to retain their safety for navigation through use of joint mine countermeasures forces. Keeping sea lanes safe is relevant as that is how over 70% of world's trade is conducted.

Media release credits: Lt Cdr Ramūnas Kažerskas, Assistant Chief of Staff for CIMIC, Lithuanian Navy

Photo credits: Lithuania Navy