Lithuanian military medics train Ukrainians

Lithuanian military medics train Ukrainians

Four-week paramedic course for the Ukrainian military has wrapped.  The course is delivered to make sure competent platoon-level combat medics can ensure proper medical aid on the Ukrainian battlefield.  The  students trained administering first medical aid, preventing the bleeding, airway clearance techniques and breathing  function monitoring, chest decompression, proper response to injuries and shock, wound cleaning and stitching, medication selection and dosing. The course also focused on medical evacuation depending on the injury and treatment requirements. The military were trained M.A.R.C.H. (Massive Hemorrhage, Airway, Respiration, Circulation, Hypothermia) algorithm of the correct sequence of injury examination and condition assessment.   

“The course is oriented to Ukrainian troops, it has been a success in theoretical and practical terms. The troops were equipped with the basic medical skills, from anatomy to vital parameters and first medical aid. They have been provided with the most modern knowledge and skills to be able to respond properly and save lives with effective and timely firs aid,” Course Coordinator Sergeant 1st Class Karilė Vasiliauskienė said.

The  theoretical and practical parts of the course were delivered by instructors from the  MD Jonas Basanavičius Military Medical Service Training Centre, Medical Support Group, Personnel Healthcare, Military Public Healthcare and Military Psychology Sectors, and the National Defence Volunteer Force.  The Ukrainian students were also taught by military instructors who arrived from the United States specifically for the course.

Photo credits: SSgt Spc Ieva Budzeikaitė