Lithuanian Land Forces personnel train in multinational CPX in Poland

Lithuanian Land Forces personnel train in multinational CPX in Poland

Command Headquarters personnel of the Lithuanian Land Force alongside Allies from 23 NATO members   are training at a command-post exercise Loyal Leda 2024 (LOLE 24).

The exercise conducted by the NATO Joint Force Training Centre in Poland is designed to train and certify headquarters of units in subordination of the Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast (HQ MNC NE) to plan and execute wide-scale defensive operations while organizing interoperability and coordinating actions with friendly forces.   

“Exercise LOLE 24 is a vital event in our combat training cycle that certifies our readiness to deliver on our designated tasks. I can say ahead of the exercise that we are ready but we want to be even more ready. We want to demonstrate with this exercise to everyone that we are united with NATO Allies in defending our families and people against any threat,” said HQ MNC NE Commander Lt Col Jürgen-Joachim von Sandrart on the day of the exercise opening.

Exercise LOLE 24 takes place in three stages. During the first phase, over 800 exercise participants were improving military decision-making, as well as command and control and interoperability procedures at unit integration training. Over the second stage, unit command posts carried out defensive and indirect impact operation planning, interact with the civilian environment and adjacent units, coordinate actions with the superior headquarters, and create tactical operational plans using a tactical command and control information system.  In the third phase a simulation system is used to put to test operational concepts created by the unit command posts.  The simulation system follows the training concept developed by the Control Party to allow creation of a tactical situation for generating events and incidents and adapting to the dynamic and ever-changing situation while executing command and control procedures, taking timely tactical decisions in coordination of actions between units, ensuring uninterrupted execution of operation in coordination with the superior staff and functionality of command posts.      

Headquarters Multinational Corps Northeast