Lithuanian and German armies are working towards a more efficient cooperation

Lithuanian and German armies are working towards a more efficient cooperation

On February 13 Commander of the Lithuanian Land Force Brig Gen Raimundas Vaikšnoras and his counterpart, Inspector of the German Army Lt Gen Jörg Vollmer signed a document on strategic vision in order to strengthen bilateral military cooperation. It was his last signature in the capacity, in a ceremony several hours later Lt Gen Alfons Mais was inaugurated as next Inspector of the German Army.

The important bilateral agreement has consolidated a mutual goal of the German and the Lithuanian Land Forces while taking into account international and national commitments: the ability to act in coordination in wide-spectrum land operations, both regionally and globally. The three-page documents binds to develop the current ways of close cooperation and means of implementation, increase their efficiency, and identify new opportunities for interaction.

Strategic cooperation of German and Lithuanian armies currently encompasses continuous cooperation of commanders, staffs, work groups and military experts, appointment of liaison officers and reciprocal participation in military training activities. Both services constantly exchange military command, reconnaissance, logistical, fire support, military training experience and future plans. Soldiers of Germany and Lithuania are constantly training together in international exercises and training events.

Germany is one of the most important partners of Lithuania in defence area. The Mechanised Infantry Brigade of the Lithuanian Armed Forces was affiliated to the 10th German Division in October 2018 to conduct joint military with its units. German military personnel form the core of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group Lithuania, Lithuanian troops are serving in a German base in Mali, Africa. Germany is also an active contributor to the Baltic Air Policing Mission and an investor to our military infrastructure. Lithuania procures weaponry and military equipment from Germany.

Information and photo credits: Lithuanian Armed Forces