July 28, ceremony of inauguration of major general Arvydas Pocius, new Chief of Defence

July 28, ceremony of inauguration of major general Arvydas Pocius, new Chief of Defence

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On 28 July at the square in front of the Ministry of National Defence the solemn inauguration ceremony of assigning of the Chief of Defence of the Republic of Lithuania was held. According to the drill and military ceremony statute President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė put Major General Arvydas Pocius on oath and presented him authority regalia: the badge of the Chief of Defence, sceptre and Flag of the Armed Forces.


While extending congratulations to A.Pocius the President emphasized huge responsibility and honour of the Chief of Defence.


"Mission and tasks of the Armed Forces do not change with a new Chief of Defence, therefore Armed Forces will continue to get ready to defend Lithuania, participate in joint operations with NATO and European Union Allies and within the bounds of possibility and requirement will come to the assistance for the civilian government", said Major General A. Pocius during the ceremony.


Major General A.Pocius has stressed, that soldiers are the most important value of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, therefore while serving in a position of the Chief of Defence he will attach the greatest importance to the development of highly qualified, motivated, educated and ready to defend their Motherland personnel.


On the occasion of the ceremony in honor of the new Chief of Defence of the Republic of Lithuania soldiers from all main forces and units of Lithuanian Armed Forces with combat flags, as well as soldiers of Lithuanian Armed Forces Honor Guard  Company with reconstructed outfit and armament of soldier of the 14th century have fallen to a formation.


The ceremony was attended by the Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė, other representatives of the ministry and armed forces command and units, representatives of other state institutions, defence attaché of foreign countries residing in Lithuania, other guests.


Before the ceremony Arvydas Pocius has been promoted to the rank of Major General. His rank before promotion was Brigadier General.