High-ranking NATO general visited Lithuanian PRT-9 HQ in Afghanistan

June 4, Chief of Staff ACO (Mons, Belgium) Gen. Karl Lather Heinz visited camp of the PRT-9 in Afghanistan.

During the visit NATO General familiarized with activities and problem areas of PRT-9, and the most challenging task of the team that deployed to Afghanistan in the middle of May - elections of the President of Afghanistan and members of Provincial Council. The guest was also interested in the plan of provincial development and prospects of its implementation. The plan is drafted by provincial authorities and needs approval of the Central Government of Afghanistan.

„The most serious problem and a setback in provincial reconstruction is the severe condition of road infrastructure - provincial roads are in great disorder and usually difficult to use, and the track of Chaghcharan Airfield does have bitumen paving. Provincial reconstruction would significantly gain pace if we managed to overcome these difficulties", said Commander PRT-9 Col. Alvydas Šiuparis. He also highlighted that considerable efforts and resources are necessary to ensure security in the province; however, PRT does their best to fulfill their tasks with resources at hand.

Several of the key objects in PRT-9 compound were shown to Gen. K. Lather Heinz after the introduction. The guest was especially impressed by well-equipped facilities of first medical aid. After a short tour in the camp NATO General departed to meet with the Governor of Ghowr. The latter expressed delight in good relations with PRT and NGOs in Ghowr and talked to the guests about the province and problems of its people.

„Ghowr is a distant and isolated province therefore your biggest challenge is development of road infrastructure; however, you need to seek support from the Government of Afghanistan and international organisations because you do not have enough capabilities to do it on your own", said Gen. K. Lather Heinz addressing the Governor of Ghowr. NATO official also promised to put forward troubles of Ghowr in NATO Command.

PRT is a joint civilian and military mission operating under the NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Denmark's, Georgia's, Japan's, Croatia's, Ukraine's, Georgia's and American representatives take part in the mission together with Lithuanians. The main objective of the Provincial Reconstruction Team is helping Afghan Government extend its authority in the province, ensuring security and creating environment suitable for provincial reconstruction.


PIO for PRT-9 1st Lt. M.Varna


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