Firing ranges at Rūdninkai Training Area receive NATO certification

Firing ranges at Rūdninkai Training Area receive NATO certification

Two 100 m-sized aiming adjustment and fire dispersion ranges and one 400 m-sized electronic target range have received NATO certification and are open for use as of November 3 at Rūdninkai Training Area. The certification procedure was fully completed upon reception of special use airspace permit with regard to International Vilnius Airport flight zones.

The opened firing ranges are used by Lithuanian Armed Forces and Allied troops, it is also available to internal affairs system officers and organisations with cooperation agreements. The ranges can be used for small arms up to 7.62 mm, including 9 mm calibre pistols.

Reconstruction of the training area follows the plan further: demining, forest clearing and territory marking works in underway. Historical sightseeing spots, preserved, monuments, bunkers, cemeteries, etc., will be marked fully by the end of the year. Hazardous areas in the training range are planned to be marked by modern solutions (electronic systems) in the future. Once the marking is completed, civilians will be able to visit the area without restrictions, except the hazardous areas during life-fire training.

The Parliament had recognized the 17 thousand ha training area as a critical object where all infrastructure for the Armed Forces is developed: firing ranges, administrative, auxiliary, accommodation quarters, road reconstruction, a new railway segment. The training area will accommodate exercises of up to 3 thousand troops at one time, temporary accommodation will be available at the field camp area for part of the amount.

Related images, credits: Lithuanian Armed Forces.