Experts of the Movement Coordination Centre Europe met in Vilnius

Experts of the Movement Coordination Centre Europe met in Vilnius

On January 28-29 coordinators of the Movement Coordination Centre Europe Air Transport & Air-to-Air Refuelling and other Exchanges of Services (MCCE ATARES) and Surface Exchange of Services (SEOS) met in Vilnius for the first time. Representatives from 26 countries discussed its 2019 activities and balance sheet, elected the secretariat for 2020, settlements in the MCCE platform and future development plans at the conference.

The Movement Coordination Centre Europe (MCCE) was established by initiative of NATO allies and EU member states in 2007. Lithuania joined in in 2015 which gave us access to land, air and sea transportation capabilities of other countries united under the MCCE. The main mission of the MCCE is precisely that - to employ the transportation capabilities possessed by MCCE partner countries in the most efficient manner.

To date, there are 28 MCCE partners. Lithuania's membership is beneficial to both, the international institution and Lithuania, because both sides can access each other's transportation capabilities, thus cutting the costs of transporting personnel and cargo worldwide.

In operation for more than a decade, the MCCE aims at putting the Alliance's capabilities to work to the maximum effect. Heads of States and Governments made a commitment to use the capabilities collectively , to simplify structures and increase efficiency.

Another equally important aspect is that the MCCE is looking for ways to share capabilities and escape duplication in order to increase efficiency. Participating countries ae informed about full or partial transportation gaps.

Moreover, the MCCE ensures flexible (24/7) services: MCCE staff maintains contact with all national-level movement and transportation and air-refuelling centers and other organisations providing strategic air-lift, such as the Strategic Airlift Coordination Cell (SALCC), NATO Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW), and the European Air Transport Command (EATC).

According to the Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Logistics Command Col Ramūnas Baronas, "the MCCE is a global level transportation expertise centre, we avail of the possibilities it provides for completing tasks of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Logistics Command. WE take its activities and our participation very seriously because all the participating countries are united by the same goal - transporting strategic cargo with minimal costs and on time. We are glad that Lithuania was selected to host this event. We take it as a sign of appreciation and evidence that we are improving and moving in the right direction."

The MCCE does not command and control the measures it coordinates. Its function is to provide the best support possible in case participating countries want to share information and capabilities.

Information and photo credits: Logistics Command