Exercise Strong Griffin 2021 to take place in Western Lithuania

Exercise Strong Griffin 2021 to take place in Western Lithuania

On June 7 Exercise Strong Griffin 2021 of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Motorized Infantry Brigade Griffin, one of the largest multinational exercises in Klaipėda Region in 2021, will begin with an opening ceremony at the Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Battalion. The exercise will train four battalions of the MIB Griffin, 3rd Territorial Unit of Žemaičiai Military District of the National Defence Volunteer Force, members of the Lithuanian Rifflemen’s Union, State Border guard Service, and the Lithuanian Police and civilian authorities. NATO allies (military personnel of Portugal, United States, and the United Kingdom) will train alongside them.

The exercise operations will be executed on land, at sea and in the air by units of different Lithuanian Armed Forces services supported by NATO allies, and interoperability with the State Border Guard Service Pagėgiai Unit, Klaipėda Chief Police Headquarters, Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, Aras Anti-terrorist Operations Unit, and other bodies, will be enhanced. 
This year Strong Griffin 2021 coincides with BALTOPS50, 50th iteration of the exercise  organized by the Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO and the United States Naval Forces Europe. 

POC: MIB Griffin CIVIC Senior Specialist Cpl Monika Dilkė, +370 628 71108, monika.dilke@mil.lt
Information and illustrative images by MIB Griffin