Exercise Griffin Strike 2020 / Hunter 2020: the hunt has begun - let the Griffin strike

Exercise Griffin Strike 2020 / Hunter 2020: the hunt has begun - let the Griffin strike

Exercise Griffin Strike 2020 / Hunter 2020 runs at the Lithuanian Armed Forces General Silvestras Žukauskas Training Area in Pabradė on August 2-14. The exercise involves Lithuanian military personnel and airmen of the United States contingent deployed in Poland, over 1,300 exercise participants in total.

"We have come together from different military units to train to act as one, to share experience, and to learn new things. It will make us better soldiers than before the exercise: we will be more experienced in interoperability, our fire control skills will be improved, we will know the particularity and tactical subtleties of our allies' actions, and all of that will make us even more ready for combat. The hunt has begun, let the griffin strike!" Commander of the Motorised Infantry Brigade Griffin Col Nerijus Stankevičius said wishing luck to soldiers at the exercise opening ceremony.

The exercise will be conducted in several phases. It begins with a tactical situational training in exercise sites, it is followed by tactical field training and certification , and then by live combined arms fire training.

Units in the international exercise will train defensive and offensive operations, tactical marches, occupying the assembly area, delay and block maneuvers, ambushes, counterattacking, and anti-tank guided system fire support.

Exercise Griffin Strike 2020 / Hunter 2020 uses over 27 types of military equipment of different roles. Lithuanian participants use M113 tracked armoured personnel carriers, HMMWV tactical all-terrain vehicles, tactical trucks UNIMOG at the tactical phase. Combined arms live fire training will involve shooting from infantry and artillery guns, JAVELIN antitank systems, and air support by the Apache helicopters of the United States Air Force.

Objective of the international Exercise Griffin Strike 2020 / Hunter 2020 is to train interoperability in infantry, anti-tank and artillery units, coordination of actions, including with close air support and in defensive and offensive operations, to strengthen defence cooperation, and to exchange experience with the allies. The exercise will evaluate Continuous Mandatory Initial Military Service soldiers who formed infantry companies of the Duke Margiris Battalion and batteries of the Brigadier General Motiejus Pečiulionis Artillery Battalion of the Motorised Infantry Brigade Griffin.

By CIMIC Senior Specialist Cpl Monika Zabinaitė, MIB Griffin

Photo credits: Cpl Monika Zabinaitė, Cpl Paulius Mamonovas