Exercise Flaming Sword 2021 was held in Lithuania

Exercise Flaming Sword 2021 was held in Lithuania

Flaming Sword 2021, exercise of the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces took place in Lithuania back in May.

The annual SOF exercise practiced the Rapid Response Force ability to counter potential threats, the bigger objective being to ensure quality interaction between the command element and tactical units of the rapid response force and their comprehensive readiness for diverse issues.

The Rapid Response Force includes SOF personnel, it has been formed by separate units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces as a response to modern threats in hybrid and grey environments.

Interaction of different armed services in the Rapid Response Force format, involving also the specific skills and abilities of the Special Operations Forces, ensures the quality of not only the concrete exercise but also overall national defence planning. Objectives and tasks of Exercise Flaming Sword 2021 focus on an effective national defence and deterrence.

Information and photo credits: Lithuanian Armed Forces