Exercise Brave Griffin has rehearsed the bilateral Lithuanian-Polish Orsha Plan

Exercise Brave Griffin has rehearsed the bilateral Lithuanian-Polish Orsha Plan

April 26, Exercise Brave Griffin 2024-I conducted by the Lithuanian, Polish, U.S. and Portuguese militaries  wrapped in the area next to the Suwalki Gap.  The closing event was attended by President of the Republic of Lithuania HE Gitanas Nausėda, President of the Republic of Poland HE Andrzej Duda, Minister of National Defence Laurynas Kasčiūnas, Chief of Defence Gen Valdemaras Rupšys, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces Gen Wieslaw Kukula. The guests were briefed on the course of the exercise, equipment and weaponry used and the results achieved with a particular emphasis on the effectiveness and importance of the integrated defence efforts.

“The exercise has showcased the excellent operation of the bilateral Lithuanian-Polish plan. All the objective targets have been reached over 100%. Our unity, successful cooperation and partnership with the Allies multiplies the possibilities for a deeper Suwalki Gap defence with additional capabilities and other services, such as air and maritime components ,” Chief of Defence Gen V. Rupšys said highlighting meaning of the exercise.   

From April 21, the exercise organized by the Lithuanian Great Hetman Jonas Chodkevičius Infantry Brigade Griffin trained its subordinate units, National Defence Volunteer Force, Military Police, Military Medical Service, Air Force, Air Defence, Grand Duchess Birutė Uhlan and Col Juozas Vitkus Engineer Battalions, as well as the Allies from the 15th Mechanized Brigade of the Polish Armed Forces, the U.S. and Portugal. The main objective of the exercise was to train brigade headquarters and subordinate units in planning and execution of defensive operations in coordination with NATO Allies. 

“Even though this has not been a particularly lengthy exercise, the time was put to the most effective use. Quick decisions, force moving, deployment and maneuver are all elements we are dedicated to excelling in. Challenges will never be too few  but they are all possible to cope with if we maintain the communication. Such challenges are predictable and therefore  recognized and managed.  I am very glad we have met them successfully and we have learned what we did not know. This exercise includes five training nations, the fifth one contributes with air capabilities. We have demonstrated once again that we can integrate ground actions and air actions under any conditions in a fairly short time,” noted Commander Col Aurelijus Alasauskas of the Infantry Brigade Griffin speaking about the exercise objectives.  

The exercise participants drilled re-deployment, maneuver, reconnaissance, defensive operations and combat support tasks. The main part of the exercise comprised the active phase and defence training which tested the defensive scenarios on the basis of the bilateral Lithuanian-Polish Orsha Plan and readiness for emerging threats in terms of state defence.

Photo credits: Cpl Gabija Vaitkutė.