Cyber incident scenarios designed and rehearsed at Lithuanian Armed Forces Exercise Amber Mist 2023

Cyber incident scenarios designed and rehearsed at Lithuanian Armed Forces Exercise Amber Mist 2023

On November 6-10 active phase of cyber incident response exercise Amber Mist 2023 will train representatives of the Armed Forces, public and private sectors in using IT security software to accurately assess and manage cyber incidents detect and neutralize them correctly, and ensure network security. Exercise participants will design different cyber incident scenarios, from simple disruption and jamming to malcode deployment or event physical network break-in. The scenarios will challenge the Armed Forces, public institutions and civilian sector companies to detect, analyze and prevent such cyber incidents. A Red Team incident hub will be established for developing exercise training situations, while the Blue Team formed by the Cyber Rapid Response Team will attempt to handle the challenges presented by the Red Team bad guys.

The exercise trains nearly 300 representatives of Lithuania, Latvia, U.S., Georgia, Ukraine, Croatian-led PESCO, Norway, Lithuanian MoD agencies, Lithuanian Rifle Union, public institutions, universities and civilian IT companies. It is also observed by representatives of Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Ukraine.

The military cyber exercise is planned to train on the basis of lessons learned during the Vilnius Summit 2023, other events and routine activities at different institutions. Cyber is a critical domain, training Lithuanian Armed Forces and core national and civilian capabilities to protect against hostile activities ensures better security and resilience of the state of Lithuania.

The international cyber defence exercise Amber Mist has been held since 2013, when 10 years ago cyber was recognized as an operationally consequential domain in wide-spectrum military operations. A requirement to train and be equipped to ensure effective defence of national and civilian critical infrastructure against cyber threats was established. The level of exercise ambition is constantly raised, foreign involvement is increasing, as well as participation from the public and private sectors.

Photo credits: Maj Titas Čerikas.