Contemporary technologies-equipped ships guard waters of Lithuania

Contemporary technologies-equipped ships guard waters of Lithuania



For over a year now Lithuanian territorial waters and exclusive economic zone in the Baltic sea have been guarded by new generation patrol ships of Lithuanian Armed Forces - multi-role „Flyvefisken" class vessels P11 „Žemaitis" and P12 „Dzūkas".

Vessels were built by Danyard A/S, Olborg, Denmark, in 1989 and 1990. They are the most up-to-date of the four ships in the Division of Patrol Ships of Lithuanian Armed Forces. As multi-role vessels they are quickly adjustable for the functions of mine countermeasures or above water warfare. The ships are armed with 76 mm „Oto Melara Super Rapid" rapid-fire guns and large calibre machine-guns and driven by two diesel MTU type engines with total power of 5440 AJ. Ships crews consist of up to 30 military members depending on the task.

Operation of more than a year gave time for servicemen of Lithuanian Naval Force to master the vessels, equipment on board, and technical characteristics. Crews constantly patrol national sea area, sharpen their combat skills in various military exercises, individually or in large units and aircrafts of Lithuanian Air Force. .

Lithuanian Naval Force is the service of Lithuanian Armed Forces providing protection of sea territory, economic zone and continental shelf of the Republic of Lithuania. Naval Force is also responsible for underwater and surface environmental observation and control, marine mine countermeasures, and counter-terrorist operations, protection and control of navigation, search and rescue actions, cooperation with other state institutions in case of emergencies.

Lithuanian Naval Force employs around 700 officers, WOs , bottom level servicemen, and civilian personnel working in six divisions. The most extensive division - Fleet of Warships - subordinates divisions of Mine countermeasures, Patrol and Warships, and Harbour Boat Group. The unit consists of nine ships and three cutters. .

1st Lt. Antanas Brencius (Lithuanian Naval Force, phone 8 46 39 1207, cell phone. 8 698 18196).
Pictures: patrol ship P11 „Žemaitis".