Commander eVA BDE LTU and battalion commanders train at an exercise in Lithuania

Commander eVA BDE LTU and battalion commanders train at an exercise in Lithuania

On May 12 Commander of the German enhanced Vigilance Activity Brigade Lithuania (eVA BDE LTU) Brigadier General Christian Nawrat and commanders of Brigade battalions arrived in Rukla for a training exercise. Representatives of the German military take part in the process of the Lithuanian defence plans implementation where the German eVA Brigade is an integral part of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and joint training and exercise sis needed to ensure timely interaction and coordinated operation.

The German Bundeswehr is building readiness for deterrence and defence together with the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the contribution made to ensure readiness is significant: exercises conducted with Lithuanian Armed Forces units, joint international operations, training provided for the Ukrainian military. Recently approx. 70 representatives of the German Armed Forces trained conducting reconnaissance in Central, Northeastern and Southern Lithuania and planned potential force movement routes and deployment locations at Exercise FÜREX 2023, a joint training event of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and the 10th German Division.

Brig Gen Ch. Nawrat will have a meeting with Commander of the Lithuanian Land Force Brig Gen Artūras Radvilas to discuss further projects, force training, exercises, next exercises ahead of the NATO Summit in Vilnius and the conference planned in late May.

As the framework nation of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group established in Rukla in 2017, Germany invests in military infrastructure in Lithuania and contributes to Armed Forces modernization efforts. Assignment of an enhanced Vigilance Activity Brigade to Lithuania has significantly enhanced the Bundeswehr’s ability to ensure Lithuania’s security alongside the other NATO Allies.

Photo credit: Sgt Spc 1st Class Ieva Budzeikaitė.