Chief of Defence met with U.S. Army V Corps Commanding General

  Chief of Defence met with U.S. Army V Corps Commanding General

September 23, Chief of Defence Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys met with Commander of the U.S. Army V Corps Lt Gen  John S. Kolasheski in Vilnius. Generals discussed the mission awaiting the deploying U.S. Army V Corps Headquarters (Forward) and opportunities for a wider cooperation.


"It was a very meaningful visit that has helped us to  strengthen our warm and close relations with the U.S. Army even more. The U.S. Army V Corps reactivated this year was used for European defence back in the Second World War. It is one of the four corps the United States has. This is a strong message of deterrence to potential aggressors.      We now have a definite U.S. military structure in the region and a demonstration of allied resolve. It is also to our advantage in terms of better cooperation opportunities with corps subunits and headquarters which training defensive actions together will create," Lt Gen   Valdemaras Rupšys said.


Commander of the U.S. Army  V Corps Lt Gen  John S. Kolasheski is currently touring Europe. Lithuania is the next country after Poland he is visiting to present his unit's activities.   

U.S. Army V Corps Headquarters is based at Fort Knox, Kentucky. It is a roughly 600-strong unit, its forward-based element , a couple of hundred soldiers, will be deployed to Poland , Poznan, as of October providing the U.S. with its most important command post in the eastern flank of NATO.


The primary mission of the new forward headquarters will be to conduct operational planning, mission command and oversight of the rotational forces in Europe. It will also provide additional capability to support allies and partners in the region. The V Corps Headquarters (Forward) is expected to participate in DEFENDER-Europe 21 in the Balkans and the Black Sea region as the main participant of the training.


Spokesperson for the Chief of Defence Maj  Tomas Balkus

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