Chief of Defence met with the European Union Military Committee

Chief of Defence met with the European Union Military Committee

On May 13 Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupšys attended a European Union Military Committee meeting via video teleconference. Chiefs of Defence discussed implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on activities of militaries, participation in international operations, and generation of military capabilities, chaired by General Claudio Graziano.

"Conventional threats did not go anywhere during the pandemic. Unconventional threats, such as disinformation, have even increased. If we mean to respond to security challenges, we have to continue training and exercises of military forces while ensuring health protection of personnel in order to maintain combat readiness. It is also important that we work on preventing the healthcare crisis from turning into a security crisis. That is why international cooperation and international operations continue supporting our common security goals," Lt Gen Valdemaras Rupšys said.

Chief of Defence of Lithuania extended gratitude to the member states for the service of their soldiers deployed in Lithuania, excellent cooperation, and coordination with our Armed Forces. He also underscored that military mobility in the EU had to remain among the priorities in order to ensure efficient movement of forces and effective defence.

The EU Military Committee is the highest military institution of the European Union made up of the Chiefs of Defence of the EU member countries. The Committee leads military actions of the EU, primarily, planning and conduct of military mission and operations of the Common Security and Defence Policy and development of military capabilities, and rendering military advice to the EU Political and Security Committee in charge of common Foreign and Security Policy of the Union. The NATO Chiefs of Defence convene for the EUMC meetings twice a year.

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Spokesperson for the Chief of Defence Maj Tomas Balkus

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Photo credit: Maj T.Balkus