Chief of Defence is attending NATO Military Committee meeting in Brussels

Chief of Defence is attending NATO Military Committee meeting in Brussels

On January 14-15 Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupšys is taking part in the NATO Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session in Brussels, Belgium, where NATO Chiefs of Defence and NATO military leadership will discuss key matters concerning the Alliance's activities and international security.

The Military Committee and the NATO military leadership will address NATO missions and operations, deterrence and defence in the Euro-Atlantic area, and review security situation in the areas of operations.

In the discussion on missions the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, currently including over 50 Lithuanian soldiers, NATO Mission Iraq (NMI), with 9 Lithuanian troops in service, and the Kosovo Force (KFOR) where one Lithuanian soldier is serving.

The session will be presided over by Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Chairman of the Military Committee. He will be supported by General Tod Wolters (Supreme Allied Commander Europe, SACEUR) and General André Lanata (Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, SACT).

The Military Committee (MC) is NATO's highest structure of military command subordinate to the North Atlantic Council, Defence Planning Committee and Nuclear Planning Group. It takes strategic-level military decisions and forms military advice to the North Atlantic Council, the political decision-making body.

At the highest level the MC is comprised of NATO countries' Chiefs of Defence while daily activities are carried out by their military representatives. Chiefs of Defence sessions normally take place three times per year, two in Brussels and one - in one of the NATO member states on a rotational basis. The Chiefs of Defence agree on and provide military advice to the North Atlantic Council as a result of their conferences.

More about the event https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/news_172100.htm

Photo credits: Sgt Spc Ieva Budzeikaitė


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