Chief of Defence conducts first formal trip to Switzerland 

Chief of Defence conducts first formal trip to Switzerland 

Chief of Defence of Lithuania General Valdemaras Rupšys has left for the Swiss Confederation on the first official visit. He will meet with Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces Lieutenant General Thomas Süssli, service commanders, visit mobilization and logistical centers and observe artillery drills.  

Lithuanian and Swiss Chiefs of Defence will discuss bilateral cooperation, assistance to Ukraine and lessons learned in the course of the war, exchange insights about the security situation and facing threats.

According to Chief of Defence, Switzerland’s experience is of a high value to Lithuania for its highly adapted and perfectly functioning comprehensive defence model.  The model perfectly combines the order of roles set for every citizen, top officials to everyday people, in the defence of state with Switzerland’s advanced maneuver warfare capabilities: artillery, aircraft defence, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and aviation elements.

Gen Rupšys will visit a Swiss mobilization centre as appealing to recruits, training process and readiness of the active reserve is yet another are where Switzerland’s experience can benefit Lithuania. The Swiss Confederation has mandatory military service for all men of the age of majority that consists of basic training and is later upkept with refresher courses.

Another area of interest of Chief of Defence’s visit is logistical support and generation and sustainment of strategic stocks  – weaponry, ammunition, gas, medical and other supplies which would be needed to ensure a durable supply to the armed forces. Over the years of political neutrality Switzerland has reached advanced development levels of defensive capabilities, as well as all the necessary logistical, chains of supply and provision.   

Lithuanian and Swiss Chiefs of Defence will also travel to the Simplon Pass in the Alps to observe artillery training event Tiro Alto. The pass situated at the altitude of 2 km connects the Swiss valley of the Rhone with Italy has been a strategic node for transportation, logistics and communication.