Chief of Defence attends European Union Military Committee meeting in Seville

Chief of Defence attends European Union Military Committee meeting in Seville

On October 17–19 Chief of Defence General Valdemaras Rupšys attends a European Union Military Committee meeting in Seville, Spain. The first ever Chiefs of Defence session held outside of Brussels will focus on the prospects of short, mid and long-term military assistance to Ukraine , European Union EU Rapid Deployable Capability (RDC),development with criteria of timeliness, force sustainment and no NATO duplication in mind. Other tasks on the agenda are reviewing and updating the Capability Development Plan to ensure compatibility of defence planning procedures in member states and further improvement of cooperation on mutual EU capability priorities, such as military mobility, CBRN safety, medical support and cyber domain.

The CHOD conference will also address organisation and execution of joint exercises. The EUMC meeting was moved to Spain to observe the firs EU-led Crisis Management Military Exercise 23 (MILEX 23) in person. It involves approx. 2,800 military personnel from 19 member states training to step EU combat readiness and capability to respond more quickly and decisively to external conflicts and crises, and building cooperation, readiness an interoperability under the German-led Strategic Compass initiative. MILEX 23 reflects the EU need for a common instructing and training of personnel in order to test and certify the EU Rapid Deployable Capability (RDC),concept, procedures and tactics with an aim to reach full Military Planning and Conduct Capability by 2025.

The Session on EU missions and operations will address the multinational EU operations with a special focus on the way ahead for the Sahel region (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger) missions in light of strategic competitors or terrorist group implications on security.

Chief of Defence Gen will also have bilateral meetings with Chief of Defence of Romania Gen Daniel Petrescu and Chief of Defence of Greece Gen Konstantinos Floros.

The Military Committee (French: Comité militaire) is the highest-level military command unit that advises on the Common Security and Defence Policy and military missions and operations. It is composed of Chiefs of Defence of the European Union member states who convene in Brussels twice a year.

Photo credit: Alfredas Pliadis.