Boat M51 „Kuršis

Boat M51 „Kuršis


On July 1 mine hunter and sweeper of Lithuanian Naval Force M51 „Kuršis" began a half-year standby period in the NATO Response Force (NRF-13).

„Kuršis" will be attached to the NATO Standing Mine Counter Measures Group 1 (SNMCMG1) currently commanded by the Naval Force of Italy (IT MARFOR) during the duty period.

Once she has entered NRF-13, „Kuršis" is ready to reach location of any operation within five days.

Planning of standby of „Kuršis" in SNMCMG1 took eighteen months. Readiness of the boat and the crew to participate in NRF-13 was estimated according to NATO standards and requirements with supervision of representatives of the NATO Response Force Maritime Component Command HQ Northwood (The UK).

The first time Lithuanian Naval Force sent a ship to NRF was in August - December of 2006. LNF boat M 51 "Kuršis" performed duty in NRF-7. For the second time Lithuania was represented in NRF-9 by mine hunter and sweeper M52 „Sūduvis" on August-December of 2007.

In the first half of 2010 Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will make a joint contribution to the NATO Response Force with the Baltic Battalion. BALTBAT is based on the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion..

Lithuania had also sent to NATO NRF squadrons of special operations forces, troops of Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis General Support Battalion and Air Force.

NATO Response Force is a high-readiness technologically advanced armed capabilities of the Alliance composed of land, air, maritime and special operations components trained to deploy for operation in any location at any time. NRF is sustainable and is able to conduct wide-range operations throughout the world.

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