Baltic Battalion evaluated as ready for duty in NRF

Baltic Battalion evaluated as ready for duty in NRF

International evaluating team judged the Baltic Battalion as ready to perform duty in the NATO Response Force (NRF-14) on June 12. The conclusion was approved by the head of the international evaluating team Lt. Col. Dalius Polekauskas and senior inspector of NATO supervisors' team Lt. Col. Karel Shuch during the „Baltic Eagle 09" exercise held in Latvia.

BALTBAT was evaluated according to NATO procedures by the international evaluation commission: representatives of the Baltic States' armed forces supported by personnel from the Danish Advisory and Training Staff that has been playing a significant role in the military training of the Baltic Land Forces' brigades for several years. Evaluation process was observed by representatives of NATO headquarters. Evaluation of the combat readiness of the Baltic Battalion was one of the purposes of the „Baltic Eagle 09" exercise.

During the exercise evaluating officers observed BALTBAT planning and conducting operations, ensuring relevant provision and communications. Head of the international evaluating team Lt. Col. D. Polekauskas said that according to various parameters of evaluation combat readiness level of BALTBAT was estimated "excellent".

Senior inspector of the NATO supervisors' team Lt. Col. Karel Shuch said: „The purpose of my mission in this exercise is providing supervision over the evaluation process, the evaluating team, and to follow if the methods of their work comply with procedures established in NATO documents. Evaluators did their job very well. I fully agree with conclusions of evaluation as throughout the exercise I was on the ground myself watching actions of the Battalion, and I sustain the evaluators' conclusion that BALTBAT displayed excellent performance."

Danish Maj. Gen. Agner Rokos, Commander of NRF-14 Land Component, and a member of the supervisors' team, said: „As Commander NRF-14 I find it very important that BALTBAT would be well prepared for the rotation period - that is the main reason of my participation in the training. I had the opportunity to visit the theatre of exercise, meet the troops, get the first-hand impression of a very important factor - interoperability among soldiers. It is very important that units of all levels and individual soldiers would perform their function in the operational chain and understood their role in it as well as plans and tasks of superior units. And I saw mutual understanding while observing the exercise. I extend my gratitude for MIB „Iron Wolf" for the excellent organisation of the exercise and the training process of the Battalion. It is essential that MIB „Iron Wolf" created conditions for the Battalion to train as a part of a superior command - a brigade."

The exercise that takes place in Adaži Military Are from June 2 to 17 is divided into three phases. In the first phase participants of the exercise drilled their collective skills, the second phase was active and encompassed offensive operation, and the third phase - live firing - began on June 15.

It is the first exercise of such scale organised beyond Lithuania's territory on the responsibility of MIB „Iron Wolf"; the exercise is conducted by Commander MIB „Iron Wolf" Vilmantas Tamošaitis.

The „Baltic Eagle 09" exercise is the biggest international exercise this year held in the Baltic States. Participants of the exercise numbers up to 1100 of whom 40 percent are constituted by the Lithuanian contingent.


The Baltic Battalion was established in 2007 by a joint agreement of the Baltic States. Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Armed Forces provided personnel for the Battalion's infantry company, combat support elements, and other capabilities. Each of the countries is responsible for providing logistic support for its national contingent. In total, Baltic countries contributed about eight hundred soldiers to the Battalion, more than 500 of BALTBAT's personnel are Lithuanians who also hold the positions of authority.


The Battalion will start its six-month standby period as a part of the land component in the 14th rotation of NRF in the beginning of 2010.


NATO Response Force (NRF) is a highly ready and technologically advanced force of the Alliance made up of land, air, sea and special forces' components that can deploy quickly wherever needed. It is self-sustainable and capable of performing missions worldwide across the whole spectrum of operations.


PR Officer of MIB „Iron Wolf" 1st Lt. Skomantas Povilionis