Autumn training in the Lithuanian Armed Forces: intense and comprehensive

Autumn training in the Lithuanian Armed Forces: intense and comprehensive

Training in Lithuanian Land Force units typically intensifies in the autumn: larger scope, different part of the day collective personnel training is conducted in a variety of sites. Units of different forces are currently training in exercises in Alytus, Kazlų Rūda, Rukla, and Pabradė, in accordance with military training cycle plans issued by the leadership.

"It has become habitual to have an increase in exercises in the autumn. For example, one of the largest army exercises with the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group, Iron Wolf, takes place in spring and in autumn. The training process this year has also been shaped by the limitations imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic - in the first six months of this year we could not have larger exercises or exercises for several units," Deputy Chief of Staff Operations of the Lithuanian Land Force Lt Col Arnas Mikaila said.

According to Lt Col A.Mikaila, military training is running in the Lithuanian Land Force all the time, however, exercise objectives, organisation, site, part of the day, and the extent of training audience differ.

"The attention paid to the Land Force training is substantial, while the persistent improvement of expertise and skills and the ability to cooperate with different partners is a unique feature of Land Force personnel," the officer states.

Some of the largest exercises Iron Wolf Brigade sub-divisions will train in are Flaming Sword and Iron Wolf II, and Griffin Infantry Brigade sub-units are preparing for Smart Griffin and Strong Griffin. The Land Force Juozas Lukša Training Centre will organise Best Infantry Squad and Sniper Competitions.

The autumn training season also encompasses international exercises. Lithuanians will be training side by side with NATO eFP and British colleagues at Exercise Iron Wolf. NATO allies deployed in Lithuania are also completing an individual training cycle.

The focus of Land Force training within the service is armed defence of land territory of the Republic of Lithuania, peacetime tasks, and international operations.

Training of Continuous Mandatory Initial Military Service and Professional Military Service personnel is ongoing, and volunteer soldiers, as well as other members of the active reserve, train for 20-50 days in one year. Military training is liked to military careers.

Individual and collective training takes place in service units , other Lithuanian Armed Forces units, and Juozas Lukša Training Centre which is conducting military education and division-level modular tactical training for Land Force soldiers.

The Lithuanian Land Force HQ is the principal element for planning, organisation and control of military training in the Land Force, it is also responsible for completing international cooperation plans in combat training area.

Information credits: Land Force HQ.

Cpl Vaiga Zalatoriūtė and Sgt Arnas Čemerka